Spare Cope?

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I seem to be straight-up out of cope today. Since there's nothing really wrong, I'm going to take myself out for lunch and see if that helps. (It should. I think I may have "just" forgotten to eat. Anyway...)

If you have a kind word to spare, a picture of a bunny, or something else that might help a bit, please share it. Comments will be screened unless you say it's okay to share.

A Radical Interpretation of the Text...

Faust, Thimblerig
A while back, I posted about reading some really lovely ghost stories. I'm currently reading the next collection of ghost stories by M R James. One of those is called Casting the Runes, is the best of this group so far, and contains a brief interlude with one Dr. Watson.

I recently read all of the Holmes canon.

You might see how these things came together in my mind and this story will forever by a mystery wherein Holmes' disguised identity (I think as Henry Harrington) is never revealed because he doesn't really dare present himself as knowing anything at all about matters, shall we say, runical...

You're welcome.

[fic] Hierarchy of Needs

1600 words
PG, maybe -13

Elsejournal, someone asked:
imagine that you, with all the knowledge and life experience that you have now, are summarily dumped back in time to your life at thirteen. What, if anything, do you do differently as you live your life over again from that point?

And I thought about being an abuse survivor, and about how me being a survivor has hurt people who've cared about me as an adult. And while I sometimes have unpleasant things to say about people who insist on trying to rescue other adults, I don't know that trying to rescue kids from a bad place is at all the same thing. And bits of this story burbled up and wouldn't shut up, so I wrote it...

I apologize to anyone who thinks they appear in this.

Hierarchy of NeedsCollapse )

I Like the Pretty Lies

I could use some cheering. In lieu of content, how about a silly meme / game?

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Whisper sweet nothings in my comments.

Be silly, be sexy, be charming. Tell me how much you miss those pillow fights we never had, or point me to pictures of kittens, or write poetry about my violet eyes, or whatever it is that falls for you into the category of sweet nothings and pretty lies.

Comments will be unscreened on request. Otherwise, this is between you and me, and you don't even have to put your name on it.


[Kindle] Free & Cheap Books Sources

As some of you have figured out, I'm enamored of old books. I have argued (though I do not actually believe) that things cannot be art until they are at least 100 years old, to prove that they remain sweet and useful over time. (I think, in fact, that if art is that which is both sweet and useful, one person's art may indeed be another person's trash. The recent book I couldn't finish because the words, they hurt me, may bring someone else joy. Hell, it may be their gateway drug into actual Victorian lit, if I'm to pretend one book is better than another.) This love of old books has meant that I've mostly been reading things that are free off of Gutenberg, but I've got a couple other free or cheap ebook resources:

Project Gutenberg (yes, I just said "other" and then I like to Gutenberg; I'm a technical writer in my other life and in this one I don't necessarily have to be quite so precise and clear) is the classic. If in doubt, assume I got whatever it is from them.
Gutenberg Australia has a slightly different collection of works available thanks to Australia's slightly different copyright laws. If you feel okay about this, go forth and do.
Many Books mirrors Gutenberg content but also appears to have a slightly different collection. I can't quite make sense of this, but there it is.
Daily Cheap Reads collects links ebooks under $5 on Amazon. Some are real finds. Others are not. YMMV. Also, it is sometimes worth your while to check if Gutenberg has that book, if you think it might be out of print. Recently there was a Sherlocke Holmes something for $1.99; it's free on Gutenberg, and your hypothetical $2 donation would actually get filtered back to more good for you.

Note that none of this is pirated. Living authors deserve to get paid for their work unless they are giving it away.

Feel free to add recommendations in the comments.

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